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FL-SISTEM SWIFT Service Bureau(FLSSB) is a fully accredited SWIFT service bureau that offers a cost-effective solution for access to the complete range of SWIFT services by eliminating the need for in-house SWIFT expertise and operational support.

FLSSB is fully in compliance with the Shared Infrastructure Programme and has been awarded with the Shared Infrastructure Standard Operational Practice Label.

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Financial institutions face increasing regulatory pressure to maintain strong sanctions compliance programmes. In some cases, suspicious payments are being stopped by banks and the execution is prevented due to concerns about the risk of non-compliance by their counterparties.

Sanctions Screening is a securely-hosted and cost-effective solution for transaction screening against all major public sanctions lists, including OFAC, UN, EU and HMT. Successful sanctions compliance is a combination of real time processes, systems and expert teams.

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Payment solutions have always been the part of FL’s business.

E-banking range of payment modules available from Omikron (MultiCash® and MultiCash Transfer® ) covers most local, regional and international requirements. Of course these modules can be mixed and matched to the specific needs of each corporate or bank.

Financial institutions own large amounts of data, which requires them to perform queries for historical data. They must also generate various reports to meet regulatory compliance requirements.  EastNets offers a modular solution that allows different levels of customization or integration and can integrate with SWIFT and payment market infrastructures.

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