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Payment Solutions

Financial Messaging Management System

en.TransactionDataRepository (en.Reporting) allows preview of business and performance behavior in real time via graphical charts, searching Payments Messages using wide range of criteria from simple to very complex.

You can display, investigate, monitor, and report your SWIFT traffic data and events over an extended retention period. It centralizes your SWIFT FIN, Interact, FileAct, and events in an independent open database in real time, so that you can get access to the statistical data you need at any point in time

E-Banking Solutions

Omikron solutions for banks support the full range of e-banking business, covering all customer segments.

Omikron provides universal and innovative multi-channel solutions, supporting all key national and international communication standards. The modular and scalable design allows Omikron’s bank solutions to be connected seamlessly to applications on the customer side – ranging from the internet banking to the "classic" product lines such as MultiCash® and MultiCash Transfer® Payment Factory. The use of open standards of course also ensures that interaction with other products is possible.

Omikron develops e-banking products for corporates of all sizes. Their characteristic feature is a capability to support connections to multiple banks and deliver multiple formats. This is the basis for the successful deployment of Omikron products over a wide geographical area.

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