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Swift Bureau


Our multi-site infrastructure, operational experience, value-added services and SWIFT accreditations make our SWIFT access service an ideal solution.

In addition to SWIFTNet FIN, FLSSB offers the infrastructure to use SWIFTNet added services such as FileAct, Interact, Browse and Web based applications while supporting a number of SWIFTNet business solutions.

AML As A Service

At the FL SWIFT SERVICE BUREAU we are running Eastnets’ AML solution en.SAFEWatch Filtering.

en.SafeWatch Filtering is a web-based solution composed of a series of tools targeted to AML detection in real time and batch mode. With a highly-sophisticated matching engine, en.SafeWatch Filtering aims to be the central checking point for an institution’s financial traffic. Having a single detection point helps compliance officers and auditors to have only one interface where alerts from all sources are concentrated.

The service we are offering is defined as a hosting of the AML solution en.SafeWatch Filtering that is fully integrated with the interface Alliance Access and allows the real time filtering of SWIFT and SEPA messages against loaded lists. The solution can filter against any sanctions list (such as EU, OFAC, HMT, and UN), third-party lists (such as Dow Jones, WorldCompliance or World-Check) or internal watch lists.  

The Challenge

FL-SISTEM offers outsourced SWIFT connectivity and infrastructure via its own service bureau FLSSB. Through this option, FL-SISTEM provides a cost-effective way for SWIFT users to outsource their internal IT operations to a trusted partner without compromising their operational efficiency, data security and business availability.
FLSSB services enable organizations to centralize their financial counterparty connectivity into one cloud based service with possibility to use other add-on services.

Our Solution

Our multi-site infrastructure, operational experience, value-added services and SWIFT accreditations make our SWIFT access service and AML control an ideal solution. We use Alliance Access, SWIFT’s market leading messaging interface, that allows banks and market infrastructures to connect to SWIFTNet FIN service.

We use products from world highly known vendors in networking and identification industry, Vasco and Juniper. Vasco solution provides 2FA for FLSSB customers, while Juniper provides secure and efficient network connectivity to our hosted services. 


Access the full portfolio of SWIFT products and services

Get support and training from accredited team of SWIFT experts

Eliminate operational costs, complexities, and the need for in-house SWIFT expertise

Rely on highly secure SWIFT certified Bureau with 24x7 support and full DR

High effective messaging reporting service from certified vendor

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